FusionUhr - FusionClock

--> Default version 1.6 (23.6.2004 17:40 = fYear 1901):

http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/fuhr.jar (s05: MIDP2.0, CLDC1.0, v1.6 without double)
or   http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr.jar (the same)

Please leave your ideas about it. Thanks, Andreas 

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--> Just download it to your mobile phone! It's tiny, only 4kB, very cheap!

If it doesn't work, please download these JARs onto your mobile Java phone:
http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/s01/fuhr.jar     JTWI     MIDP2.0   CLDC1.0   v1.5
http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/s02/fuhr.jar     JTWI     MIDP2.0   CLDC1.1   v1.5
http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/s03/fuhr.jar              MIDP1.0   CLDC1.0   v1.5
http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/s04/fuhr.jar              MIDP1.0   CLDC1.1   v1.5
http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/s05/fuhr.jar  w/o double  MIDP1.0   CLDC1.0   v1.6
see the release history

fUhr is another strange Fusion2004 idea

This page: http://www.andreasK.de/fuhr/  -  created in fYear 1885